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Paul Brunetta Master Artist Blacksmith

Come by the blacksmith booth and watch my demonstrations. During the day I will be working on s-hooks, bottle openers, meat turners and many more items. My booth is equipped with pretty much everything a blacksmith would need for his craft. I have anvil, post vise, coal forge, and all the tools necessary to hammer metal with.

I also carry many hand made items, including copper and steel roses, belt buckles, kilt pins, tripods, dinner bells, firepits, and many more items. I do custom work on site for small items such as hooks or hangers, you may need. I also take custom orders for larger items that I need to make in my shop.

I have been an artist blacksmith since 1999 and love my work. You can find me at many Renaissance Faires and SCA event from Calif. to Washington state.

Classes are now available at my shop
in Grants Pass Oregon!

Class fees $15 an hour. Classes may be held on Wednesday evenings and some Saturdays. Private classes also available at a higher rate. Classes will be basic blacksmithing and up to a more advanced class as you progress. You will learn the art of forging and shaping steel. You will gain a working understanding of blacksmith tools and techniques including tapering, upsetting, flattening, dishing and bending. We will make several small projects such as S hooks, meat turners, small scrolls as well as a simple fire poker. We will be using a propane forge.

We will NOT be making knives or swords.

I will include materials, tools and hearing protections. I have gloves that you may use. Students are expected to provide their own eye protection . Leather shoes are recommended. No Flip Flops. Class size limited to 6 students. Parental consent required if under 18.

Please contact me for more information.

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Some Items I Sell:

Just recently I have been doing art with recycled horse shoes, you can see some of this in my Horseshoe art section.

The Products page has categories of most of the standard items that I make. Where as my Custom Jobs page has just items made for customers.

Each item is hand-forged and crafted by me, and each is a little different, no two are identical.

The Links page takes you to some of my friends and other vendors.
The Events page will take you to up-coming faires that I will be doing.

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New Items

I have just become a vendor for Hand Carved Walking Sticks. These sticks are all hand carved and then I put some finishing touches on them to improve the looks of the sticks. Click on the link to see them now!

Also, we have Cooking Stations in the Cooking and Camping section.

Check out the new portable wash stations that I am making. Bowls are white with red rim in color.

New Item Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

We will be carrying STEAM PUNK canes

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