Open Shop

Hello Blacksmiths!

Open Shop Hours are for experienced blacksmiths that can demonstrate they have the skills to work unsupervised in the shop.  If you are new to Brunetta Blacksmithing you may be asked to show you can easily create basic shapes and have control of the anvil, hammer and forge. If you have taken a course under either Paul Brunetta or Mark Godfrey please let us know.

Each Open Shop is a 4 hour open forge session that will be hosted by Mark Godfrey or Earl Blackmore. The goal is to give each person ample access to the forge so classes are limited to 4 – 6 people. Be aware that in some cases you may be sharing the anvil with a fellow smith. Sessions are $40 and does not include materials or supplies. Feel free to bring your own hammer and tongs, otherwise we have plenty to share.  As always we ask that you be respectful of the shop, the Mastersmiths and your fellow blacksmiths during sessions and you will adhere to the safety rules and guidelines of the shop.  Ok now let’s get hammering!

June Open Shop Hours

  • Saturday June 1st       10 AM – 2PM or 2pm – 6pm
  • Saturday June 15th       10 AM – 2PM or 2pm – 6pm
  • Saturday June 22nd       10 AM – 2PM or 2pm – 6pm
  • Saturday June 29th          10 AM – 2PM or 2pm – 6pm

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