Summer on the Forge

Basic Blacksmithing Course Registration Is Open!!!

Here we go! Ready for some summer fun?  Well we have opened 3 Basic Blacksmithing Courses for Summer.  You can sign up for them here. It took us a while to figure out the right classes.  We are doing things a bit differently than we have before.  Our goal is to give students the basic skills to begin to do 3 things:

  • Participate in Open Forge Hours.
  • Consider purchasing their own forge.
  • Begin the blacksmithing certification process.
We think we have achieved this is a fun way that speeds you through, so you can start getting creative.

Back to Basics

In this series of classes you will learn everything you need to begin blacksmithing on your own.

  • Tools and safety
  • Basic points and shapes
  • Differences between metals and heat
  • How to organize your own smithy
  • Turning things you find into something new! 


Summer Season

Usually in Summer we are traveling for festivals.  This year we are going to be in the shop. Now we know Summer is hot in Grants Pass and we will do everything to keep you cool and to keep the schedule going.  However fire season is fire season and if the Fire Marshall tells us, we may need to move some schedules around.  Please be patient. These courses are designed to get most of you up and running so we can open the shop in the cooler hours in August so you can work on your own projects.

But I’m Not A Beginner!!!

Sheesh! Ok Ok!  We have something for you too.  New Open Shop Hours are listed here as well.  If you are new to the shop you’ll have to show the Mastersmith you can complete all 3 points, the S hook and unwelded eye.  Then you are free to get your forge on! As mentioned before, we will start to open up new, cooler hours as the Summer heats up.  But June is set for now.

Getting Creative

Not sure what classes are right for you?  Somewhere in the middle of beginner and free on the forge?  We have put our heads together and in the Fall will start offering a host of new classes designed to get you where need to go.  Some examples include making tools, holiday gifts, bladesmithing (maybe this summer) working a coal forge and some advanced scrolling.  We are also arm wrestling on whether to have a post fire season party.  What say you?  Keep checking here and hopefully soon we will see you by the fire!


Team Brunetta